Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA again, but it's been a little crazy around here. First off, our very first little grand baby was born on May 21st. Just a little picture overload here. lol Here's little Charlie, who weighed in at 8 lb. 13 oz. and was 21 inches long.
I know I'm a little prejudiced....but isn't he the most perfect baby there ever was?? lol The doctor was amazed at how big he is, but I reminded DD #1 that she was 9.8 lbs and 21 inches long, DD#2 was 10 lbs. and 22 3/4" long, and DD#3 was 9.3 21 1/2 inches long. Suffice it to say, we grow big babies!! lol

Here he is at 1 week old visiting Nana and Papa, (me and DH).
Here he is visiting Nana at her office this week at 3 weeks old.
He doesn't look like he's 3 weeks old does he? Love the little binky. It's a newborn style attached to a little stuffed bear so it makes it easier for him to get a hold of. None of my girls took to a binky, but all 3 definitely found their thumbs. ;)

And here's the last one which I took yesterday as we got to babysit for an hour while mommy ran an errand. She was the typical first time mommy, called 20 minutes into her errand to make sure he was okay. lol I had to remind her that this wasn't my first rodeo!
So with all this cuteness, you can see why I've been missing!! I've been busy playing Nana and kissing those cute little chubby cheeks!!! You can't resist them!!! :)

I do have some cards to post from our last Stampin' Up! club night, but I will post again with those. I want to thank you for visiting me today and enjoying my little grand baby. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

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